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Get Clean Pool Water

Pool chemical testing

Costs Less Than Doing it Yourself!

*New customers receive free start-up and 4 weeks of free service ( $44.00 credit). Therefore, the average weekly cost is only $9.31 per week for the first full year of chemical service! Our billing rate is $11.00 per week.

We provide more services for less cost.

For $ 9.31* Per Week (First Year Average), we service, test, and ensure that your pool is safe and balanced every week, summer, and winter, as recommended by the County Health Department. Our nearest competitors only service every other week. Therefore, their service cost averages about $20.00 per visit and the pools that they service only get tested every other week. They are providing 50% fewer service visits for about double the per visit cost of Arizona/Pima Chemical Pool Service!

Why pay more when the best costs less


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