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Gas Chlorine As the Best Sanitizer
For almost 40 years, gas chlorine has been used safely in residential pool water treatment. It is extensively used for water treatments because it is a sanitizing agent and oxidizer. Gas Chlorine can effectively treat pool water and Arizona/Pima Chemical Pool Service in Tucson, AZ uses a water sanitizer that is 100% pure chlorine. The use of gas chlorine in residential swimming pool water treatment is limited to a relatively small number of qualified pool service firms who are licensed, registered, and specially trained to handle and use it.

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Hire an experienced and qualified service company for chlorine treatment of your swimming pool. Choose our company as your trusted companion in pool water treatment. We comply with the codes and regulatory requirements of the Chlorine Institute. Entrust all your pool water maintenance needs with us. Just sit back and relax while we sanitize your pool. For more information about our chlorine treatment services, give us a call today at (520) 740-1100.